– Intro

This is a blog on mathematical discoveries. The Cultural Week 2015 of our IES is comming soon and this time the topic is


In this blog I suggest some topics to discuss on them and elaborate a panel. We are going to work in teams of 5-6 people. So, firstly we have to decide together the teams.

Apart from the panel, the aim of this project is to make a kind of playdough tablet with an encrypted message on it using cuneiform writing, so we finally get something that looks like the Plimpton 322 clay tablet

Plimpton 322

The idea is that letters can be turned into numbers: a=1, b=2, …, z=27. Then any word can be translated into numbers and, eventually, numbers can be put in cuneiform writings using only two differents symbols. Have a look here:

Some numbers

Each group could do one or two encrypted words and later gather them with the rest of the words to make the whole sentence. But first, we need to choose a proper sentence…

Finally, I want you to post here your progress in this project including comments and photos.


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