Notes, exercises, problems and more

  • The web page:

    is a bilingual (Spanish/English) site with different sections:





  • Do you want to know the reason for an electricity pylon being built with triangles, or the relationship between another triangle –Pascal’s triangle– and fractals, or how it is possible to speak about black holes in number theory, or how the great Archimedes was murdered, or how does the new Star Wars film compare to Ruffini’s method? If the answer is yes, then is a web for you.
  • And… if you are not interested in all that stuff but you want to win a million dollar prize, then we tell you how to do it. You just have to solve one of the six mathematical problems proposed.





  • Beyond Fibonacci: The Stern-Brocot sequence and the fractions.

Watch this video


  • Sexagesimal system:




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